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Meroby Fine Arts Night

Thanks Mr. Brent and Ms. Farmer for a great Fine Arts Night! Such talented kids! It was great to have families back in the building to celebrate our students!

JMG End Of Year Ceremony

On Friday May 20th MVHS JMG hosted the JMG programs from Telstar, Dirigo and Spruce Mountain High School’s for its End of Year Ceremony in the Muskie Auditorium at MVHS. We were honored to welcome guest speakers, District 18 Senator Lisa Keim, Vietnam Veteran Mr. Ron Beedy, Veteran Mr. Cory Heinzen, JMG Regional Manager Mr. Mitch Donar and JMG President Mr. Craig Larrabee. Senior JMG students from all four programs also took to the podium to talk about their time in JMG at their respective schools. After the ceremony students and guests gathered in the MVHS cafeteria for lunch and conversation. It was a great day for JMG of the River Valley.
JMG we are “Student Centered Results Driven”

Ethan Woods Awarded Devon Waugh Memorial Scholarship

We would like to announce the winner of the $5000.00 scholarship.
Ethan Woods.
Congratulations! You are the recipient of the 2022 Devon Waugh Memorial Scholarship!
We’re all proud of you for the person you are, for the way you show up in the community. It was a pleasure to read your recommendations. Your skill and work ethic were highlighted in every one and there’s a consensus that ‘this guy is great and he’s going to do great’. Many members of the board know you personally and all agree that your personality is a good fit for receiving an award in Devon Waugh’s name— your kindness and good humor make people happy to be around you and want to work with you. You’re clearly an accomplished mechanic already and have figured out how to learn and build skills not as a ‘task’ but as part of daily life. We recognize the value of your skill set and intelligence; you are blending work, fun and community involvement into a good life. We commend you on working hard whether things come easy or not and we look forward to being in community with you as you build and grow.
We got to hand over this incredible award in person this morning. Norman and I got to be there and let him know how important and how special this is. I have seen Ethan grow up and become a great young man. I’m so very excited to see this go to Ethan.
Let’s hear it for Ethan. If you know him let’s let him know how special this is. 💙💙💙
Angela Mawhinney Woods
I also want you all to know that the applications that we received were something very special too. These applicants did a wonderful job and are strongly encouraged to reapply in the years to come. We look forward to the further of the Devon Waugh Memorial Fund.
Katie Houghton
Caitlin Ezell Waugh
Kaiya Korb